2017 Programme

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Leaders Lunch with John Stevens 12-2pm Wednesday 4th October 2017 at Knighton Free Church, Brinsmead Rd, Leicester LE2 3WB.  Please contact us to book a lunch at £4.

Rediscovered Joy: 500 years of the Reformation with Tim Chester 8-9.30pm Wed 1st November 2017 at Lutterworth Church, Church Gate, Lutterworth LE17 4AN.  Tim will also be speaking at 6pm on 'Why the Reformation still matters' for church leaders.  Please contact us for a Fish and Chip supper at £5.



Steve Casey

17th May 2017

Make up don't break up - How restoring and renewing relationships in the local church is God's plan

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How to bring Christ to hurting people

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Dan Strange

1st Mar 2017

Proclaiming Jesus in a secular age

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The rules of engagement: the Christian and contemporary culture

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Dave Burke

16th Nov 2016

When loved ones don't believe

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Glynn Harrison

Glynn Harrison

7th June 2016

You and your ego: finding your worth in Jesus Christ (Part 1)

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You and your ego: finding your worth in Jesus Christ (Part 2)

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Richard Underwood

28th April 2016

An Evening of Encouragement for those involved in Pastoral Care

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John McGinley

24th Feb 2016

Growing character as a church leader

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Intimacy with God

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Paul Mallard

Paul Mallard

24th Nov 2015

 Suffering and service - ministering from pain and into pain

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Interview with Paul and Edrie Mallard

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Living with Suffering

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John Stevens

17th June 2015

Does the Church in the UK have a future?

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God's plan for your life

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Dr Peter WilliamsPeter Williams Bio Pic

10th Feb 2015

Teaching Difficult passages of the Old Testament

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The God of the Old Testament: jealous, vindictive, unforgiving?

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MGP Leicestershire 

Is a group of Leicestershire churches who partner together to further the work of the gospel in local churches. We are part of the wider Midlands Gospel Partnership
Our aims are to provide:
  1. High quality teaching  through evening events once a term
  2. Focussed training for particular areas of church life (eg home group or small group leaders)
  3. Encouragement in keeping evangelism as the priority for the local church
  4. Support and fellowship for church leaders (leaders lunches twice a year)

'Promoting gospel ministry growth across Leicestershire’

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